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Unique Projects Require Unique Solutions
TriPyramid thrives on finding solutions to the complex, one-of-a-kind or seemingly impossible problems. Using collaborative design, great engineering and world class manufacturing, we create the hardware systems which make anything possible.
Our manufacturing capabilities stem from 40 years’ experience in the architectural hardware and high performance yacht rigging industries. From materials expertise to first-hand knowledge of current fabrication processes, we have the tools to get the job done.
We believe that attention to the smallest details is what differentiates great architecture from everyday structures. We work tirelessly to make our products an aesthetic addition to the projects they support, not just boring hardware.
Delivery and Installation Support
Customer support doesn’t stop when parts leave the shop. Our team fully assembles projects in house for superior quality control. Components are packaged and delivered to site in kitted configurations for easy installation. While we do not install, we are always here to answer your site team’s questions.

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Our Process

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TriPyramid approaches the design process as a collaboration amongst all invested parties in each particular project. Our general scope of work will be a particular piece of a façade, sculpture, stair or other complex element where an off-the-shelf system does not work or does not meet the design goals. The sooner we can be involved in the discussion between architect, designer, structural engineer, contractor or others involved, the more integrated a solution we can provide. With decades of experience designing and fabricating complex architectural hardware and component systems, we are able to add insight that covers a broad range of issues including manufacturing, structural schemes, installation issues, finish requirements and material selection.

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TriPyramid has both in-house manufacturing and an extensive network of vendors with whom we have built relationships over the past 20 years. The nature of our work, with its limited production and high degree of complexity, requires that we work closely with those actually doing the manufacturing and fabrication, whether they are vendors or in-house machinists and finishers. These close working relationships mean that our capacity to fabricate is not limited by size, quantity, or complexity of components. From ultra high precision machining and fabricating of components to more basic operations, we have a manufacturing solution.

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The final detail is the essence of what we do at TriPyramid. We design components to blend into and complement the larger design and to appear simple and elegant while concealing most of the functional complexity. We focus on details like hiding threads and fasteners, and working to tight tolerances to minimize visible fit-up gaps. In the finished building, our systems and components subtly enhance the entire project.