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We do more than just make parts. We have years of experience selecting materials, analyzing structural schemes, innovating fabrication techniques and optimizing geometry, so we can help the design discussion by giving your concepts a more concrete definition.

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Pricing is one of the largest uncertainties in the world of complex architecture. We will often sit down with architects, designers, engineers and contractors early in the design of a complex building element to help gauge what is really driving the cost of the element and propose a solution.

With the increased globalization of architectural design, our consulting skills can be beneficial to firms with work anywhere on the globe. Using world-class digital design tools, we can develop the prescriptive documents required to begin the approval process for unique structural features in international markets. When necessary, we can accomplish the majority of design development without ever sitting in a conference room.

The outcome of our consultancy is often a hard price and basic sketch design that can be submitted as part of the bid package to all contractors bidding the building element. It is our goal, in the end, to make the hardware with whichever contractor is chosen.

We know that by sharing our industry knowledge with potential clients, we can develop a working relationship through to manufacturing finished assemblies. Our team is ready to meet with you and explore design possibilities.