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1989: Sailboats to Museums

TriPyramid evolved, in large part, out of the sailboat rigging industry. Our founders, Tim Eliassen and Michael Mulhern, were directly involved in the production of America's Cup racing yachts and used that technology to help I.M. Pei and NCK Engineering design and manufacture the hardware that supports the Grand Pyramid at the Louvre.

Louvre Pyramid Louvre Pyramid Yacht
 Louvre Pyramid - 1989  Young America - 1995

Tension Assemblies and Intricate Hardware

While working on the Louvre, we discovered that the architectural world needed structural hardware that was unobtrusive but elegant, and it became our modus operandi to fill that niche. We developed our standard tension element product line - still a foundational part of our business today - but found that bespoke fittings were also necessary to fulfill our client's needs.

Louvre Pyramid Chicago Penthouse Stair Chicago Penthouse Stair 270 Brannan St. Canopy
 Michio Ihara Sculpture - 1990  Chicago Penhouse Stair - 1994  270 Brannan Street Canopy - 2015
Stair in House on an Isthmus Stair in House on an Isthmus Luminous Grid Shell
 Stair in House on an Isthmus - 2017  Luminous Grid Shell - 2006

Complex Hardware Systems and Fabrications

The solutions we create rely on aerospace machining tolerances, an ever-expanding understanding of materials science and ardent dedication to craftsmanship. These skills were critical in the creation of our first small-scale components, and we find that they are just as essential to the success of complex systems and fabricated parts.

Apple Soho Apple Soho Abstract Flag
 Apple Soho - 2004  Apple Soho Rebuild - 2012  Abstract Flag - 2008
Abstract Flag Apple Cube Apple Cube
 Abstract Flag - 2008  Apple 5th Ave Cube - 2012
Brooklyn Museum of Art Kimbell Art Museum Kimbell Art Museum
 Brooklyn Museum of Art - 2004  Kimbell Art Museum - 2013

Large Precision Fabrications and Complete Building Components

Sometimes, our projects provide a platform for the creation of objects that are a combination of sculpture, engineering, and machine design. To continue achieving the levels of fit and finish our clients were demanding, but at new scales, we learned that massive parts must be constructed with the same level of precision and attention to detail as any other piece of hardware. If we found that we didn't have the capacity, we expanded. Where the capability didn't, exist we created it.

Apple Covent Garden Apple Covent Garden Novartis
 Apple Covent Garden - 2010  Novartis Office Entry - 2006
Spiral Elevator Spiral Elevator Fulton Street Fulton Street
 Spiral Glass Elevator - 2017  Sky Reflector Net - 2014
151 El Camino 151 El Camino 1290 AoA
 151 El Camino Stair - 2015  1290 Avenue of the Americas - 2013
601 Mass Ave HY Art Wall Shokan Stair
 60 Massachusetts Avenue - 2015  Hudson Yards Art Wall - 2019  Shokan House Stair - 2015

Today and Tomorrow

One of our most ambitious projects to date was the new stair and elevator at the recently re-opened 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York. To meet the challenges presented by the client and the design team, we invested in new machines, inspection tools, and advanced training for our team members. We learned a great deal and look forward to learning more so that we can continue to reimagine what is possible in the built environment.

Apple Cube Apple Cube Apple Cube Apple Cube
 Apple 5th Ave. - 2019

TriPyramid Structures
TriPyramid Structures TriPyramid Structures TriPyramid Structures TriPyramid Structures

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